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Scholarships - MOE

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 Ministry Of Education (MOE) 


There are various scholarships available, in order of prestige:




What subjects can I pursue as an MOE scholar?

The Ministry requires all scholarship applicants to select teaching subjects as their choice of study. Recommended subjects are:

  • Languages: English and Mother Tongue
  • Humanities: Geography, History, Literature
  • Arts: Fine Arts, Music
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Physics
  • Social Sciences: Psychology, Economics
  • Mathematics


Courses such as Oxford's Politics Philosophy and and Economics (PPE) are discouraged, and most scholars take a rather distinct subject. There are scholars studying Physics in Japan for example, so the country in which one studies these subjects can be quite varied too.  


What schools can I apply to? 

Most reputable schools are allowed. Many scholars study at Imperial College and Cambridge in the UK. I also know of one studying in the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London.


Upon completion of one's studies one enrolls for a 1 year diploma program at the National Institute of Education (NIE).


Any other perks? 

MOE does offer the option of sponsoring a Masters Education for scholars immediately after graduate studies.Overseas Merit Scholars (Teaching) and Education Merit Scholars will be flown back for attachments in the MOE headquarters and our schools during each annual vacation. The scholars will be paid an allowance and assigned challenging policy projects while on HQ attachment.


Teaching can be fun, and is a great chance to interact with youths and have a say in influencing their course in life. It really is what you make out of it.


What is the life of an MOE Officer like? 

Ask any teaching or merit scholars in your school about the attachments that they have gone through. The first 2 years after one returns from studies one can expect to be teaching in either a Junior College or a Secondary School, upon which they will be posted to HQ and be rotated around departments. Besides attachments there are also opportunities for foreign exchanges for promising scholars. 


Notable News

September 25, 2008Speech by Dr Ng Eng Hen at the MOE Work Plan Seminar 2008


August 14, 2008Speech by Dr Ng Eng Hen at the 4th Anniversary Public Lecture


August 5, 2008Opening Address by Dr Ng Eng Hen at the International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT)


June 11, 2008Keynote Address by Dr Ng Eng Hen at the 6th Australian Universities International Alumni Convention (AUIAC) at Suntec Singapore International Convention Centre


On the application process



Joshua Chow (TJC, Class of 21/05)

If you have other questions, email me at realityrules@gmail.com.

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